• Prospecting Solutions

    We lower the cost of prospecting for oil, mineral deposits and aquifers through advanced satellite image analysis.

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  • Our Technique

    Combining unique analysis of satellite images with existing data, CSTP can gain valuable insights on the resource profile of a region.

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  • Our Experience

    The techniques perfected by CSTP specialists have been tried and tested to great success in South Sudan.

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  • Our Team

    The key to the effectiveness CSTP is its highly experienced team. We have experts and representatives in Russia, South Africa and the UK.

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Commercial Space Technologies Prospecting

Using our specialised analysis of satellite imagery, in unison with your existing geological data, we provide the safest and most cost effective means to ensure your exploration success!

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THE USE OF SPACE SATELLITE IMAGES IN THE EXPLORATION FOR OIL & GAS, GROUNDWATER & MINERALS Commercial Space Technologies Prospecting (CSTP) is offering services to assist in the exploration for oil, gas, groundwater and mineral resources based on a technique involving the interpretation of space images. CSTP have assembled a team which comprises experts drawn from several organisations in Britain and Russia who have established collaborators from the remote sensing and oil & gas business and academic fields. The team have considerable, appropriate and unique experience which can be brought to bear on particular needs. The experts from which the team is composed are all at a senior level and have proven reputations in their fields. The British partner in this endeavor, Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST), has been managing advanced technical projects in the Former Soviet Union/Russia for over 25 years. The experts have a proven track record of successful exploration and the identifying of drilling targets through the interpretation of complimentary suites of satellite data and its full integration with the existing well, seismic, gravity and magnetic data as available.