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Commercial Space Technologies Prospecting (CSTP) offers assistance in the exploration of oil, gas, groundwater and mineral resources, based on techniques involving the geological and geophysical interpretation of space imagery. These techniques originated from Russia in the 1980’s (a country renowned for the application of space technology) and continue to be applied and perfected today. When added to Western methods they result in an increase in accuracy and cost effectiveness.

(CSTP) originated from a Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST) project in 2006. This UK registered company has been managing advanced technical projects in the aerospace industry for over 30 years, with a representative Moscow office and native Russian speaking staff. CSTP is comprised of a team drawn from CST’s contacts, with international experts in geology, geophysics, remote sensing analysis and resource prospecting (primarily from Britain and Russia), and with collaborators from the aerospace and remote sensing industry, the oil & gas industry and related academic fields. The CSTP team have considerable and unique experience which can be flexibly applied to almost any prospecting or mapping project.

The CSTP team also have a proven track record of the successful exploration and identification of prospecting targets through the interpretation of complimentary suites of satellite data with existing well, seismic, gravity and magnetic data as available. The application of these advanced methods are demonstrated in the examples below.

Examples of technique

Some examples of how we locate deposits from space

sudan image

See how CSTP performed in our South Sudan case study