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Kostya Milyayev

Moscow Office Manager

Konstantin’s background is the numerical simulation for the area of electromagnetic launch technology, where he got his PhD in physics and mathematics (mathematical modelling, numerical methods and software applications). Having graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1988 Konstantin worked...

Alan Webb

London Office Manager

Alan’s first professional encounter with space was as a research assistant at the Institute for Biomedical Problems in Moscow, Russia’s leading space biomedical research facility. This led him to get a Microbiology BSc and Molecular Medicine MSc from Imperial College...

Lyudmila Miloserdova


Lyudmila’s scientific interests are in structural geology, the interpretation of space images for mineral exploration and the structural hierarchy of geological structures. She graduated in 1972 from the Geological Faculty of Lomonosov State University, specialising in Geological Surveying and Mineral Exploration, receiving her PhD in Geology (Geotectonics),...

Natalia Maloushina


Natalia’s area of Scientific interests is tectonics, geological interpretation of geophysical data, integration of geophysical data for geological exploration. She is graduated in 1982 from the Russian State Oil & Gas University named after Gubkin, her specialisation is geophysical methods...

Arnold Woodruff

Technical Director

Arnold has 40 years experience as a Professional Geophysicist. On staff with the British Antarctic Survey 1975-79, Elf Oil Exploration and Production Ltd 1979-83, then Manager of Geophysics for Kerr-McGee Oil, London 1990-96. Since then served as a Senior Consultant...