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Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST) has, for over 30 years, provided consultancy services in all branches of space activity from its London office. With the aid of a representative office in Moscow and a capable native team (established for over 20 years) it offers expertise in trading and the management of joint projects between Western and Russian companies (such as Canopus) and has also brokered 33 successful satellite launches, from three separate launch sites, on 5 different launch Vehicles.

CST Launch Table

1995 August 31 Tsyklon (1 piggy-back) Fasat Alpha
1998 July 10 Zenit (2 piggy-back) Fasat Bravo + TM Sat
1999 April 21 Dnepr (1 dedicated) Uo Sat 12 (first commercial use of SS-18)
2000 June 28 Cosmos (2 piggy-back) Tsinghua 1 +Snap (first SSO flight of Cosmos)
2000 September 26 Dnepr (1 piggy-back) Tiung Sat
2002 November 28 Cosmos (main in cluster) Alsat-first Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC)
2003 September 27 Cosmos (3 in cluster) NigeriaSat-1, BilSat-1 and UK-DMC (all DMC)
2004 June 29 Dnepr (main in cluster) Demeter (CNES, first SSO flight of Dnepr)
2005 October 27 Cosmos (3 in cluster) TopSat, ChinaSat (DMC), SSETI Express+cubesats
2008 August 29 Dnepr (5 in cluster) RapidEye constellation
2009 July 29 Dnepr (2 in cluster) UK-DMC2 + DEIMOS-1 (both DMC)
2009 September 17 Soyuz/Fregat (1 piggy-back) SumbandilaSat (South Africa, first piggy-back from this launcher combination)
2010 June 15 Dnepr (1 of a pair) Picard (CNES, paired with Prisma)
2011 August 17 Dnepr (2 in cluster) NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X
2012 July 22 Soyuz/Fregat (1 piggy back) ADS-1B
2014 June  19 Dnepr (1 in cluster) KazEOSat-2
2014 July 8 Soyuz/ Fregat (2 piggy back) TechDemoSat-1 (TDS-1), UKube-1

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