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Key Facts

Customer –

  • Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC)

Project Task –

  • To assist GNPOC in prospecting for crude oil and gas in South Sudan

Implementation –

  • Consolidation of existing regional data (gravimetric, magnetic, well and seismic, etc.)
  • Selection (by resolution, scale, spectral range, etc.) and interpretation of space satellite images
  • Aerovisual observations to support satellite image analysis
  • Creation of an exploration model, combining all acquired information
  • Final report and maps recommending areas for further exploration and drilling locations

Project Duration –

  • 6 months (Q4 2006 – Q1 2007)

Outcome –

  • 4 sites recommended for oil drilling
  • The most promising of the 4 sites was drilled for oil
  • Oil was discovered in 2 planes at drill site


Sudan Case Study (Overview)

Download (PDF, 1.05MB)


Sudan Case Study (Technical and Commercial Proposal)

Download (PDF, 155KB)