Arnold Woodruff

Technical Director


Arnold has 40 years experience as a Professional Geophysicist. On staff with the British Antarctic Survey 1975-79, Elf Oil Exploration and Production Ltd 1979-83, then Manager of Geophysics for Kerr-McGee Oil, London 1990-96. Since then served as a Senior Consultant Geophysicist, or Manager for many International Oil or Mineral Exploration Companies including: Shell, BP, Total, StatoilHydro, ConocoPhillips, Exxon-Mobil, Robertson Research International plus others. Projects have covered extensive areas throughout:– Europe, Africa, Middle East, North & South America, Asia and the Antarctic. Recently Arnold was asked to provide The Shell “Corporate” interpretation for several of the large Shell North Sea Fields from many previous interpretations of up to 600 3D Seismic Cubes.

As an exploration geophysicist, contributed directly to a number of hydrocarbon discoveries: including the first hydrocarbon discovery in Greece for 15 years (the 1989 Epanomi-1 gas discovery for DEP-EKY), and to date the only well in the whole Norwegian Arctic to test oil at 10,000+ bbls/day (7120/6-1, for Norsk-Hydro), plus 2008 wildcat discovery well “LOL-1” in Sudan, which found oil at 3 separate reservoir levels, & which was the first well drilled at a location recommended in the 2007 CST Report.

Frequently such Exploration Projects required Satellite data interpretation as part of a holistic subsurface evaluation, and for that I worked closely with CST (Commercial Space Technologies) and the Oil & Gas University of Moscow.