Lyudmila Miloserdova



Lyudmila’s scientific interests are in structural geology, the interpretation of space images for mineral exploration and the structural hierarchy of geological structures. She graduated in 1972 from the Geological Faculty of Lomonosov State University, specialising in Geological Surveying and Mineral Exploration, receiving her PhD in Geology (Geotectonics), at the Lomonosov State University in 1983. She participated in numerous geological surveying projects based on the interpretation of space images in the following areas: Plato Putorana, Eastern and Western Sayan Mountains, Khamar-Daban Mountains, the Sredne-Vitimsky mountain area (all – Siberia), Caucasus Mountains and Sudan. Lyudmila has authored over 40 scientific publications and 22 course books, including course books on Structural Geology, Geological Surveying, and Oil & Gas Exploration. She also holds the RF Ministry of Natural resources Sign of Excellence in Mineral Exploration for her “great contribution to the geological prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits with high industrial, scientific, technical and economic achievements”.